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Reverse: A decentralized Twitter-like social media site

bennyschmidt/reverse • GitHub


The peer-to-peer tech works like The Pirate Bay, or the more modern 123movies, except that instances (mirrors) share content through a no-fee blockchain called Decentralized Record of Value (DRV), instead of torrents.

Decentralized Record of Value (DRV)

bennyschmidt/dereva • GitHub


Dereva is a free & open source Node.js service that implements the DRV ledger and extends it with digital contracts & non-fungible records.


Deco & Its Influence: The Era-Shaping Work Of Georges Barbier, T.L. Pflueger, And Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano

Barbier was 29 years old when he mounted his first exhibition in 1911, quickly becoming one of... Read More

5 Most Habitable Places In Our Solar System

During the late nineteenth century, it was widely accepted in the astronomical community that Mars... Read More

Blockchain & Web3

Blockchain & Web3

Blockchains are essentially just peer-to-peer databases that make sure everyone's data is the same in... Read More

2 years skimboarding progress

@bennyschmidt_ • YouTube

Highlights from my skimboarding progress over the past year in Santa Cruz, CA and in San Francisco, CA.

FTC Skate Jam 2022 (Haight-Ashbury Street Fair)

@bennyschmidt_ • YouTube

Woke up to see this year's FTC Skate Jam being set up right out in front of my apartment! Decided to film.



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