Product Development

Decentralized Record of Value (DRV)

Dereva • exactchange


Dereva is a free & open source Node.js service that implements the DRV ledger and extends it with digital contracts & non-fungible records.

Pixel Perfect Product Design

Dribbble • Benny Schmidt

Product Design - Mobile Apps

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Learning To Skimboard (1 Year Progress)

A compilation of over 1 year of footage, learning to skimboard in Santa Cruz.



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Video Podcast

Culture Fit Podcast

A short clip from Culture Fit Podcast Episode 5.


Deco & Its Influence: The Era-Shaping Work Of Georges Barbier, T.L. Pflueger, And Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano

Barbier was 29 years old when he mounted his first exhibition in 1911, quickly becoming one of... Read More

5 Most Habitable Places In Our Solar System

During the late nineteenth century, it was widely accepted in the astronomical community that Mars... Read More

Blockchain & Web3

Blockchain & Web3

Blockchains are essentially just peer-to-peer databases that make sure everyone's data is the same in... Read More

Game Development

Art of Game Design

Behance • Benny Schmidt

Visual Design - Video Games

Explore the artwork behind producing creative assets for video games. In Eidol, each card starts out as a pen and paper wireframe which is digitized. The rest... Read More

The Last Chapter

IndieDB • Benny Schmidt

Thorns & Spells

As many of you know, Thorns & Spells will be shutting down today. All game worlds will continue to run until midnight, Pacific. Congratulations to Silent for winning... Read More